Taiwanese Association of Diabetes Educators


Taiwanese Association of Diabetes Educators (TADE) was founded in March of 1996. Professor Juei-Hsiang Lin served as the 1st president and is the Honorary President at present, Doctor Shih-Tzer Tsai was the 2nd and 3rd President, Professor Wayne H-H Sheu was the 4th and 5th President, and Doctor Neng Chun Yu was the 6th President. Doctor Shih Te was the 7th P and 8th resident. Doctor Chih-Yuan Wang, is the 9th President. Currently, Doctor Horng-Yih Ou, is the 10th President.

By now, we have 11,441 members (as of Feb, 2024), including physicians, registered nurses, registered dieticians, registered pharmacists, social workers and other professions.

The goals of this Association are to enhance updated knowledge, build up necessary skills, and integrate with other healthcare professionals to provide the best diabetes care possible. In addition, with the cooperation of other professional associations to promote health educator and courses review system, we intend to improve diabetes control effect of patients and decrease the occurrence of complications so that the social cost can be retrenched, and patient's and the family's quality of life can be improved.

TADE conducts various educational courses, examinations and CDE internship regularly. Now, we have 6,255 qualified CDE (as of Mar, 2024) through our certification system. In addition to educate and train CDE, we assist various hospitals and clinics to establish diabetes health care institutions, and continue to implement the appraisal of project by the Department of Health, Executive Yuan. We hope that we can develop local diabetes education projects. Since foundation of this association, we have been studying, announcing and implementing as following:

  • Reward (subsidy) procedures.
  • Regulations and enforcement governing diabetes educators and internship.
  • Regulations and enforcement governing certification of qualified diabetes educators.
  • Recognition of continuing education credit procedures.